Carpets make our workspace and offices look professional, but there are costly mistakes that could turn them look old out of there their age. One of the most usual mistakes is the lack of adequate vacuuming. This is dangerous to the carpet’s health, because almost 90 percent of the carpet’s soiling is from dry soil, vacuuming certainly eliminates dry soil. If you neglect vacuuming then there will be more work and added stress to your carpeting as the dry soil turns to sticky mud because of the moisture.

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“Remember that with the presence of water will turn dry soil to mud, which is harder to remove compared to when it is dry,” says the Colleyville TX Carpet Cleaning located in Colleyville, a northern suburb of the Dallas–Fort Worth metroplex, Texas. Furthermore, a wet carpet can attract and invite more dirt. If the people who manage the cleaning in the building skip this method, do not expect your carpet to look good as compared with a properly maintained carpet.

However, not all method of vacuuming is particularly effective. The synthetic fibers of that commercial carpets are usually made with, could be scratched or damaged with improper vacuuming, so take note of it. If the fibers are abraded, they can’t be fixed and returned to their original look.

Dry soil elimination isn’t the only problem though. During intensive cleaning, a lot more mistakes will come up. Using excessive water and soap and not washing adequately is yet another of those mistakes.

If the soap remains, it will build a negative charge that invites and attract far more soil than it used to, this is a costly mistake. If you read the carpet’s manufacturer warranty disclaimer, any inadequate cleaning will null and void the carpet’s warranty.

Another mistake is the use of an excessive amount of force during wet cleaning due to deep extraction. This is for the reason of the adhesives used in the carpet’s foundation, which is obstructed when too much force is applied. If the water is not completely taken out, the surrounding areas could be affected by molds and mildews. It can as well result in accidents due to the carpet being slippery.

This is where low moisture cleaning or encapsulation procedure comes in. As with everything, it should as well be used with precaution. Before we continue, remember that the mistakes discussed be different on the goal at hand whether it is for maintenance, surface clean, or deep carpet cleaning. Low moisture or encapsulation cleaning has its disadvantages too, as the chemical used could build up over time and damage the carpet’s appearance and look. In this method, the chemical is sprayed into the carpet and wait until the chemical crystallizes, or ‘encapsulates’ the soil in it is laid over with. By this method uses little water, compared to other approaches such as hot water extraction carpet cleaning.

However, if time is considered, then this method is not for you as it takes almost 24 hours for the chemicals to be totally dried and the encapsulation complete. After which, the bead-like crystals can be eliminated with regular vacuuming.

So is it the perfect solution? No, far from it, as indicated earlier, the wait time is excessively long and if the carpet is overly soaked with soil, then it weakens its effectiveness. One could greatly assume that thorough vacuuming before applying the encapsulation is a requirement, but that is for another issue to deal with. Contact Colleyville’s Best Carpet Cleaning now.